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1 Improving Comptitiveness Of The Natioan industry Of Logistics Service Providers Through Collaboration From The Prespective of Consumer Goods Maniufacturing Comapanies In East Java
  1. M.S. Idrus
  2. Djumilah Hadiwidjojo,
  3. Surachman
IJBMI (Volume : 2 Issue 5) 2013
2 Dinamika strategic wirausahawan Tionghowa Mintarti Rahayu UB Press ISBN: 978-602-203-415-5.2 2013
3 Kajian tentang aktualisasi teori Herzberg, kepuasan kerja dan kinerja spiritual manajer operasional Noermijati UB Press ISBN: 978-602-203-391-2 2013
4 Knowledge Sharing Implemantion on Local NGO (In the prespective of Husserl trancendental phenomenology)
  1. Ubud Salim
  2. Armanu Thoyib
CPRE (Volume:3 No.6) 2013
5 The role of competitiveness as mediator for the relation between supply chain flexibility and firm performance* 1. Budisantoso Wiryodirdjo2. Djumahir Journal of management research ISSN: 1941-899X, 2013, Vol. 5 No. 1 2013
6 The Role of Customer Trust and Commitment as Mediator for the relation between Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty at Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) Kendari Southest Sulawesi*
  1. Djumilah Hadiwidjojo,
  2. Surachman
  3. Djumahir
IJBMI (Volume :2 Issue ; 4) 2013
7 Local Culture and Rules as Competitive Strategic Predictor and the Impact on Real Estate Industry Performance in Indonesia* 1. Armanu Thoyib2. Djumahir APMBA, Vol.2 No.1 2013
8 Relationship Service Quality to Muslim Customer Loyalty in Islamic Banking:Satisfaction as Mediator* Sunaryo APMBA, Vol 2 No.2 2013
9 The Role of Perceived Behavioral Control and Trust as Mediator of Experience on Online Purchasing Intentions Relationship a Study on Youths in Denpasar Citu (Indonesia)
  1. Djumilah Hadiwidjojo
  2. Mintarti Rahayu
IJBMI Volume: 2 Issue: 1 2013
10 The Effect Uniqueness Value and Value Creative on Competitive Advantage, Attraction Tourism Destination by Resources Based View Theory ( Studies in the Creative Industries in Bandung)
  1. Eka Afnan Troena
  2. Fatchur Rohman,
  3. Djumahir
IJBMI Volume: 2 Issue: 6 2013
11 The Role of Customer Value on Satisfaction and Loyalty (Study on Hypermart’s Customers)
  1. Armanu Thoyib
  2. Djumilah Hadiwidjojo
  3. Margono Setiawan,
IJBMI Volume: 2 Issue: 6 2013
12 Competitive Strategy Role in Developing SMEs with RBV Perspective: A Literature Review
  1. Siti Aisjah
  2. Djumahir
IJBBS Volume: 3 No: 3 2013
13 The Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation on the Firm Performance Through Strategic Flexibility; A Conceptual Approach*
  1. Armanu Thoyib,
  2. Fatchur Rohman,
  3. Achmad Sudiro,
IJBBS Volume: 3 No: 3 2013
14 The Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation on the Firm Performance through Strategic Flexibility: A Study on the SMEs Cluster in Malang*
  1. Armanu Thoyib
  2. Fatchur Rohman,
  3. Achmad Sudiro
Macrothink Institute (Journal of Management Research) vol: 5 No: 3 2013
15 The Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Marketing Application and Perceived Customer Value in The Retail Business from the perspective of Co-Creation Experience
  1. Ubud Salim
  2. Margono Setiawan,
  3. M.S. Idrus
JBASR (Text Road Journals) Vol: 3 No: 9 2013
16 Relationship Between Insider Ownership and Sales Growth with Dividend Policy and Leverage (Study on Manufacturing Company in Indonesia StckAi?? Exchange)
  1. Moeljadi
  2. Atim Djazuli
IJBMI Vol: 2 Issue: 5 2013
17 Entrepreneurial Motivation in Pondok Pesantren*
  1. Armanu Thoyib,
  2. Dr. Margono Setiawan,
IJBBS Vol: 3 No: 2 2013
18 The Influence of Internal and External Monitoring Leadership Style and Good Public Governance Implementation on Financial Reporting Performance (Study in SKPDs/Local Government Task Forces at South-East Sulawesi Province)
  1. M.S. Idrus, SE., Mec., PhD
  2. Mintarti Rahayu,
  3. Djumahir
JBASR (Text Road Journals) 2013
19 The Effect of Interpersonal Communication, Procedural Justice and Organizational Commitment of Performance Employee of Social Welfare Department of Social and Isolated Communities in Papua Province
  1. Eka Afnan Troena
  2. Surachman
  3. Margono Setiawan
IJSST (published by SPIRI) VOL 2 NO 3 2013
20 Individual Knowledge and Team Work Development in Affecting Firm Performance at Industrial Region MM 2100 Cikarang Bekasi
  1. Ubud Salim
  2. Eka Afnan Troena
  3. Margono Setiawan
AJBMS Vol 2 No. 9 2013
21 Consumption Ritual in Javanese Wedding Ceremony: Ethnography Researc in Indonesia*
  1. Fatchur Rohman
  2. Taufiq Ismail
APMBA Vol 2. No.2 2013
22 The Paternalistic Relationship: Authenticity and credibility as a source of healthy relationship*
  1. Dodi Wirawan Irawanto
  2. Phil L Ramsey
The Journal of Value Based Leadership, Vol 6 No. 1 2013
23 A case Study of Transformational Leadership and Para-Police Performance in Indonesia* 1.Ai?? Noermijati2.Ai?? Adi Indrayanto,3.Ai?? John Burgess,

4.Ai?? Kandy Dayaram

Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management 2013
24 The Role of Empowerment in a Para Police Organization: A Study of Transformational Leadership and Its Impact on Performance* 1. Noermijati2. Eka A. Troena3. Surachman

4. Adi Indrayanto

5. John Burgess

Strategic Leadership Review 3Vol. 3, No. 3, 2013 2013
25 The relationship among brand experience, brand image and customer satisfaction of facebook users in Indonesia Ida YuliantiWei Tung World Applied Sciences Journal, Vol 8 2014
26 The impact of message framing and source credibility on breastfeeding intention: A social marketing approach Ananda Sabil HusseinValerie MannaDavid Cohen Gadjah Mada International Journal of Business, Vo;.16. No.2 2014