Organisasi Kemahasiswaan

The Student’s Association of Management (HMJM), Faculty of Economy and Business, Brawijaya University


HMJM was first founded on October 10, 1987. HMJM serves to facilitate the soft skills needed in management to all the students majoring in the faculty. Forming a young generation which is; critical, active, innovative, and creative. Also to provide a helping hand from the management faculty to the students doing management majors.


The vision of HMJM is to develop the potential of the young generation to be able to think creatively, innovatively, intellectually, as well as to have a high degree of social awareness and able to create a younger generation which is more advanced and competitive.


The mission of HMJM is to become a receptacle to collect and develop the potential and the quality of human resources of Management Majors in the Economic and Business Faculty, Brawijaya Universtity


  1. Help to distribute and develop the talents and interests of management students of  Brawijaya University in general
  2. Accommodate and distribute the aspirations of each student in the faculty
  3. Increase and maintain the sense of kinship among the management students of Brawijaya University
  4. Develop managerial skills among the management students of Brawijaya University