Management Department supports and provides space for students to gain experience and develop skills through on-campus and off-campus activities. The Department Student Association is one of the campus organizations that provides work programs to hone students’ skills. The Department also supports student achievements in academic and non-academic fields.

Total Achievements
Academic Achievements
Non-Academic Achievements

Management Department Students’ Achievements

Students of Management Department have acquired various praiseworthy achievements in academic and non-academic fields. With full support from the Department, students have the room to acquire achievements every year. Over two years, Management students have acquired 108 achievements in total.

Management Department Student Association (HMDM)

Management Department Student Association (HMDM FEB UB) is the highest executive student body in the Department of Management Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya. HMDM FEB UB serves to accommodate and channel the aspirations as well as the interests and talents of Management Department students. HMDM FEB UB is currently run by the Reswara Cabinet which upholds the values of integrity, synergy, and progressiveness.