Management Laboratory

Organizational Structure (Management Laboratory Administrator)

Head of Laboratory : Dr. Andarwati, SE., ME.

Laboratory Management Staff : Agung Nugroho Adi, SE., MM., MM.HRM

Technician : Andy Anto A.Z

Lab-Manajemen-21 Lab-Manajemen-11 studio-marketing

History of Management Laboratory

Laboratory as the important facilities to improve learning quality. Laboratory as the academic supporting unit in University that used to education activity, research, and community service ; Which used 1) Tools and 2) Material 3) Based on certain knowledge method .

Management laboratory established as the effort to support teaching process in Management department Faculty of Economics and Business University of Brawijaya. Some of course that teached in Management department need laboratory as the implement of theory or course that teaching in the class. Moreover, today, many concentration that offered in the management department propose laboratory as the main idea in their course. Because of that manner, management laboratory play important role in purpose to improve knowledge in Management department.

Laboratory Function

  1. Center of Training and Research and Lecturer-student improvement in Management Department Faculty of Economics and Business University of Brawijaya.
  2. Improving and supervising practicum activity to improve competency and management practice understanding for students.
  3. Providing data and information related with management issue and some new case in business, both in local and international, that can be accessed easily through internet, book etc.
  4. As the strategic place and service from Management department Faculty of Economics and Business to do research, training and development for internal and external organization, also, with other institution.
  5. Center of assessment and management knowledge development, entrepreneurship, Solution for Small Business company , E-Commerce, Business Technology, and em>Enterprise Information System.
  6. Center of idea brainstorming and concept discussion especially for management lecturer, economic development lecturer as the general related with knowledge development and management education accompanied by business and its application.
  7. Center of self-development (self study dan self improvement) Lecturer of Department Management Faculty of Economics and Business University of Brawijaya.
  8. Providing administrator room, administration room, and database room, multimedia room, and discussion room completed by computer facilities and LAN, air conditioner (AC), tools, software and hardware which equipped by locker to support students comfort to do teaching activity. Furthermore, knowledge quality development and management education both theory and practice li>
  9. Providing book including text book, module,e-book, handout and some international journal.

Room Usage Procedure

  1. Adjusted with list of room user
  2. For lecturer/Students, room usage have to get permission from Head of Management Laboratory
  3. For management lecturer who borrow the multimedia room have to make sure the course need computer as the important part of teaching process. Room usage have to get permission from Head of Laboratory.
  4. Students have to follow the procedures such as, placed shoes in the locker room, students bag should placed in the locker etc.
  5. Other roles will decided soon and conditionally by Head of Management Laboratory.