History in brief

Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB) was first established as
Perguruan Tinggi Ekonomi Malang (PTEM – Malang College of Economics) on June 27, 1957 to
promote and develop science, particularly of economics. The establishment of PTEM aimed to
develop the future economists and to yield graduates with good morals and responsibilities. In
1960’s, PTEM, along with other faculties, was affiliated under UB, thus PTEM was acquired as
Faculty of Economics Universitas Brawijaya (FE UB).

In its early years, FE UB offered diploma programs with majors in Public Economics and Enterprise Economics. Public Economics was specialized in economic theories, while Enterprise Economics had several specializations namely marketing, production, finance, and human resources. Furthermore, in 1977, Diploma Program in Accounting was established in cooperation with Accounting Department State University in Indonesia, Indonesian Institute of Accountants, and several public accounting firms.

FEB  UB had made rapid developments since early 2000s in response to the rapid changes of the
environment, the dynamic changes in the Business and Economics field and the increasing demand
for international accreditation toward World Class Faculty. Internally, FEB UB began to improve its facilities–installed with updated technology, curriculum–improved along with the global
developments and job market demand, human resource–increasing the competence and
qualification of faculty members. FE UB continuously offered new study programs (from three study programs at the beginning years to 12 until recently). Furthermore, Faculty of Economics (FE) was institutionally transformed into Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) in accordance with the Rector UB Decree Number 018/SK/2011.

Nowadays, FEB UB manages three departments: Economics, Management, and Accounting. Management Department It administers five study programs, two study programs for undergraduate, one study program for master, and two study programs from doctorate degree.
1. Undergraduate Program in Management (UPIM), established in January 1963,
2. Undergraduate Program in Entrepreneurship (UPIE), established in 2016
3. Master Program in Management (MPIM), established in 1996
4. Doctorate Program in Management (DPIM), established in June 2001
5. Doctorate Program in Management (DPIM) in UB Campus Jakarta, established in 2017